Whitening Ice’d Bath – Shower Gel


Whitening Ice’d Bath
Reinvigorate & brighten skin from top to toe

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Whitening Ice’d Bath
Reinvigorate & brighten skin from top to toe


Take a chill pill with a cooling bath sensation. This refreshing bath is formulated with Glycerin, Fruit Acid, Milk Acid, Collagen Amino Acids and Menthol after a long hectic day. Cleanses deeply yet gently to remove any traces of dirt and sweat, while whitening and nourishing your skin. The results? Skin is left delightfully fresh, smooth and clear, while your mood & senses are uplifted, leaving you ready to take on and enjoy your day to the fullest. Suitable for daily use.


Comprehensive care for fair youthful flawless skin every day!

Before using the Whitening Ice’d Bath, use Scrub Scrub Dry Away to exfoliate and slough away dry skin layers to prepare skin for full refreshing benefits of the whitening bath. After bath, pat dry and follow with Whitening Daily Smoothies to moisturise and whiten skin to silky soft perfection.

Beauty Tip!

For best results, use with Scrub Scrub Dry Away and Whitening Daily Smoothies.
Available as a 3-in-1 bestselling value set – The Amazing 3.

1.Pour some Whitening Ice’d Bath onto palm or bath puff and lather all over body starting from shoulders or legs to relieve any aches or soreness.
2.Continue until a thick, luxurious lather is formed, and then rinse off.
3.Lightly pat dry with a fluffy towel. Use daily for best results.

Energises & brightens skin with each bath
Dermatologically tested
Suitable for all skin types
Suitable for daily use


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