Lip Staysss – Lip Balm Essence


Lip Staysss
Lasting Color & Moisturising Comfort.

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A semi-permanent lip balm made of natural hydrating & moisturising essences, lip plumping conditioners and gentle yet rich color to give you smooth, soft and inviting lips. Conditions and helps heal dry, cracked, dull lips to promote healthy, attractive lips.

Lightweight buttery formula glides over lips smoothly to impart layers of luscious color exuding a natural appeal, with each layer intensifying the color. Doesn’t bleed, feather or rub off and lasts up to 4 hours — 50% longer than conventional lipsticks. Non-waxy or heavy so you won’t even notice you have it on.

Available in 3 colors : Baby Pink, Seductress (Dark Pink), Dolly Blush (Light Coral)

Made in Japan

1.Ensure lips are clean and dry before application
2.Open the shorter pink cap to access the lip balm
3.Gently twist the longer pink end to push the product outwards (if necessary)
4.Apply onto lips and wait a few seconds before applying additional layers
5.Keep layering until you achieve desired tone and intensity

100% natural ingredients
Quick-drying, long-lasting formulation
Lightweight buttery texture for ultimate comfort
Natural colors layer easily for greater intensity
Lasts up to 4 hours – 50% longer than conventional lipsticks.

Product Expired Date: 11/2021


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