Kji Organic Refirm Eye Serum


100% organic based eye care serum.
Made with jojoba oils and essential oils.

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· 100% organic based eye care serum. Made with jojoba oils and essential oils.

· KJI Organics specially formulated with essential oils, organic oil & organic body butters to treat sensitive delicated skin with 100% chemical free ingredient+patented ingredient to deliver results as fast 7days

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·No sulphates.

·No paraben

·No dyes

·No phthalate

·No toxic chemical

·No pesticide


·No Mineral Oil


·Dark Eye Ring





Patented Matrixyl 3000.

·Deep wrinkles reduced by 45% ↓

· Main wrinkle density reduce by 39% ↓

Patented Argireline.

·Reduced wrinkle volume and length after just 1 week.

·A safer topical alternative to botox.

·Reduce the appearance of expression lines in just 1 week.

·Advanced wrinkle smoother for creases, furrows & deep lines induced by repeated facial movement.

Wild Crafted COLD PRESSED Helicrysum Italicum Essential Oil

1.   Helichrysum Italicum also known as Immortelle is beneficial for treating many problems but it is most popular in preventing wrinkles, age spots and other signs of ageing.

2.  Strong impact against free radicals

3.  Significantly stimulates collagen production.

4.  Stimulates tissue changes

5.  Improves microcirculation and skin detoxification

6.  Antiseptic that purifies the skin

Apple Stem Cell

With their excellent antioxidant powers, apple polyphenols provide a veritable anti-aging shield for the skin and help it to fight the effects of time.

Wild crafted Cold Pressed Oregon Hollygrape

The action of these alkaloids explains why Mahonia aquifolium extract has been successfully used to treat a variety of skin disorders (e.g. psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, fungal conditions) Claimed by German researchers “Winning the war against skin diseases with a common herb”

Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

It helps treat boils, burns, cuts, chilblains, rashes, and bruises. Great to use when treating acne, eczema, dermatitis, and other skin problems.

It also eases puffiness, strengthens tissues removes scars and spots on the skin.

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