By profession, we are plastic surgeons, chemists, marketing directors, market surveyors and formulators.
By passion, we are however a team of explorers, adventurers, rule-breakers, creators and troublemakers who threw our hearts and souls into making this a reality! So are you ready to embark on an adventure with us?


Day in day out, our surveyors explore and evaluate brand new products, the industry’s latest developments, top sellers, and the newest clinical ingredients.

They examine, test out, remodel, conduct lab tests and so forth. They are also reformulating the greatest and finest ingredients available in the market, to come up with a formula of our very own to create fantastic, new products for you. (Psst… that’s what we do best!)

KJI & CO, the sister company of KJI PharmaCo, is in the business of supplying semi-permanent colour cosmetics and cosmeceutical products to chain stores, drugstores and apothecaries globally. Along the way, we have won a handful of awards, accolades and respect from leaders in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

We are the creator of world-first products that solve beauty problems in a snap! Our must-have avant-garde products include the world’s first 24-hour Lip Spa, the B Firm 5 Professional (a product that helps firm up breasts in just 5 minutes!) and the 24-hour Eyeliner Injection.

In year 2009, we launched our very first product B firm 5 in SASA Malaysia with a 1,000,000.00 sales turnover within the first six months of launching.

Following our success we launched World First 24Hours Lip Spa within 10months we are raking in 2,000,000.00 in sales with a single sku.

Because we believe in precise formulations, finest ingredients and strict quality control, all of our products are manufactured in our own factories – 2 fully owned factories in the USA, and 2 co-owned factories in Dovera,Italy and Hyogo, Japan.



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